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    Club 18+

    Club 18+ is a dedicated after-school/college club for young adults in transition from Children’s to Adult services. The Club currently operates from The New Opportunity Centre . It begins at 3:30pm and continues through to 7:00pm each evening.

    A dedicated team of young support workers and volunteers work hard to ensure that the various activities provide learning opportunities but in a relaxed and informal environment.

    Club 18-25Club 18-25Club 18-25

    The Club seeks to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young adults to learn and socialise in an informal but supported and safe environment and to support them to:


    Club 18-25Club 18-25Club 18-25

    Leisure-based activities include:


    All service users attending Club 18+ have a nominated keyworker who works in close relationship with their dedicated transition worker.