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    Thank you for supporting our world’s biggest coffee morning

    Posted: October 29, 2018

    Coffee morning 1

    Dear Parent/Carers                                                                                    29/10/2018

    I would like to thank all parents/carers for coming to our 3rd year event of “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” which we held here on Friday 28th September 2018.

    We raised £119.60p for the great team of McMillan nurses. Thank you to everyone; it was so nice to see parents/carers at our coffee morning and where parents/carers could not attend this event they either baked a cake or sent some cakes in to sell and donated money.

    I would like to say thank you to all staff members for making this day work, also our members where they worked very hard at baking!!! 

    Here are some pictures and we will be holding this event every year; the McMillan nurses do a wonderful job.

    Coffee morning 2        Coffee morning 3

    We do hold coffee mornings once a month and letters are going out with more dates, so if you are free do please come along. They are nice chilled out coffee mornings and if you have any ideas please feel free to come forward as we are always open to suggestions.

    Our next coffee morning will be on Thursday 15th November and we will be discussing where we will be going out for our Christmas lunch. I hope you can make these dates.

    Thank you all again.

    Sonay Onbinon

    Transition and Family Liaison Officer.


    How to Challenge Cuts in Your Local Area

    Posted: December 6, 2016

    Mencap and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have produced a training document about how to challenge cuts. A shortened version is available by clicking here. Anyone who would like to see the full version can do so by emailing Sonay Onbinon, Transition and Family Liaison Officer, at sonay.onbinon@enfieldmencap.org.uk

    Nominate Enfield Mencap to be one of Asda Edmonton’s Local Good Causes

    Posted: July 2, 2016

    Click here to nominate Enfield Mencap as one of Asda Edmonton’s three local good causes. You can find the Nominate link on the right hand side of their home page (you may have to scroll down a little).

    If Enfield Mencap is chosen, you will be able to use your green tokens to vote for us when you shop in the store.

    Extra Help at Gatwick Airport for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

    Posted: June 10, 2016

    Gatwick Airport has launched a lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities who may require additional support when travelling through the airport.
    The lanyard, which is voluntary for passengers with hidden disabilities and their families, will act as a discreet sign for staff that additional support or help may be required.

    It was launched at Gatwick Airport as part of Dementia Awareness Week (15-21 May), and is supported by charities including the Alzheimer’s Society, The National Autistic Society (NAS) and Action on Hearing Loss.

    Gatwick Airport has been working closely with charities and OCS, which provides passenger assistance services at Gatwick, to promote greater awareness and understanding of the challenges passengers with hidden disabilities can experience when travelling through busy environments.

    As part of the initiative, Gatwick is increasing awareness and training of airport staff and appointing ‘workplace champions’ to provide enhanced assistance for passengers with hidden disabilities. Gatwick’s commitment follows its support of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge and the airport’s involvement with the Air Transport Group to improve the travelling experience for all passengers with hidden disabilities.

    The lanyard will ensure staff are aware passengers may:

    • Need more time to process information or more time to prepare themselves at security

    • Need to remain with family at all times

    • May react to sensory overload i.e. be surrounded by too much information

    • Need staff to use clear verbal language as it may be difficult to understand facial expressions and/or body language

    • Need staff to be visual with instructions and use closed questions to assist passengers effectively through the airport

    • Benefit from a more comprehensive briefing on what to expect as they travel through the airport.

    Which? Carers’ Online Hub

    Posted: February 29, 2016

    Are you a carer?

    The consumer organisation Which? have created a carers’ online hub with advice ranging from carer benefits and your rights at work, through to where to turn if you need extra help. Go to which.co.uk/carers


    Posted: June 24, 2015

    Enfield Council is delighted to announce the launch of its AskSARA service for disabled and older people and their families in Enfield. The new service provides a free online service that enables people to access useful advice and information about equipment that can help them to live independently.

    You can access the service by clicking here.

    What is a Learning Disability? Mencap Young Ambassadors Tackle Stereotypes

    Posted: June 22, 2015

    Mencap’s Young Ambassadors are young people aged 16-25 with a learning disability who volunteer their time for six months to be role models and use their life experiences and talents to show the positive impact they bring.

    The film below was made by the Mencap Young Ambassadors in Greater Manchester. They made it for their community impact project to address some of the myths around learning disabilities.

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